Keeping it real with The Nutritionista – How to avoid fake food and eat for health

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The Nutritionista (aka Laurie Ledford)  is a Registered Dietitian at Tucson Medical Center who uses her knowledge and experience every day to support patients making healthy nutrition choices and prevent or combat the major killers of our time. Have a question about something you’ve heard or seen about nutrition or diet? Send your question to the Nutritionista at tmcforwomen at gmail dot com. Check back on TMC for Women for Nutritionista’s blog posts.

You really can eat healthfully by keeping a few simple goals in mind:

1. Eat real food.
2. Eat a variety of foods.
3. Eat mindfully.

They may sound like simple goals, but how can you accomplish them? Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when making food choices, to help you create strategies that work for you.

Eat Real Food

Not everything we humans eat these days is food. Some of it is highly processed, salt-laden…

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