3 Tips How you Hold on to Your Healthy Choice


You have decided that NOW you will live healthily, stop smoking, become a vegetarian or something else, which is a change in your current life. You are full of plans and motivation and then – people around begin you to question your choice.

“No thanks, I don’t eat cake at the moment,” you say with all the backbone you possibly mobilize can when your colleague tempt you with your favorite cake (the one with extra icing …)
“Oh, why are you so boring …” he snaps. “Well, I …,” you mutter and are considering taking the cake for avoiding having to defend your choice (and also a little because it is your favorite cake after all, right?!), but try to be steadfast and hold on to your healthy choice.

The healthy choice is often a difficult one. Not just personally, but also socially. So how do you handle it, when friends, family and colleagues are not supportive of it?

1. Empathize!

Put yourself in their place when they complain that you no longer want to go outside for a cigarette, or when you sit and eat carrots in your new raw food life while your friends drench themselves in sauce and ask critical questions about your new choice.

We do know it very well ourselves when we complain that Paris Hilton now indeed has become a bit too thin. I wonder: wouldn’t we like to rid of our insisting love handle ourselves? Maybe. So don’t take it personally when people are not supportive of what you’re doing – you probably just reflect a sore point for them.

2. Explain (or don’t)!

No matter how great people you have in your life are, some of them will think you’re crazy when you quit eating white bread. And some of them are guaranteed to tell you.

Prepare yourself and make sure you have control of your facts, and then you can silence the skeptics by telling what the research shows, or what white bread does to you, and why you want to live like that. Or: don’t even start arguing for your choice.

Basically it’s about something you believe in it, and that you do it for you. People must accept that. And if you explain it with energy and a smile – you automatically get more points on the account.

3. Inspire!

Think like the big corporations when launching new strategies and products:

be proactive in your communication.

Announce happily whatever you’re doing, believe in yourself, be positive in your “marketing”, do not preach to others (if you don’t want them to be a know-all, neither should you) and stay on your own lane; remind yourself why you launched your new, healthy lifestyle – and magic – magic:

before long it will inspire others when you show what good your new, healthy life does for you.